Just For The Money Jewelry - CLOSURE from Narya Abhimata Studio on Vimeo.

Struggling to spit out what the heart yearned to say, Just For The Money Jewelry’s Creative Director Ongga Pratama created these 2 jewelry pieces and called the collection CLOSURE, the limited edition collection in a colaboration with A.Muse concept store, Bali.

CLOSURE features one of a kind, limited edition pieces, and like the feelings they represent, will not be reproduced.

Letters to lost lovers - the two of her ultimate favorite poems of Charles Bukowski & Oscar Wilde, to do the talking for her. Giving the unspoken words a voice, a canvas. Transforming and turning the negative energy of a broken heart and creating the energy into something positive, something that she loves.

“Every word counts, every line represents the pain of letting go. But now, the time is over. This is the closure of that chapter, and wishing that it will be the beginning of the happiest chapter of the life.

The CLOSURE showcase party was happening on the February 14th, 2014 at Mantra Kitchen & Bar, Bali. There was a not so boring poem reading (was actually rapped by Kamau Abayomi), photo exhibition and the short film preview by Narya Abhimata (  Was such a good night for everyone. Full of fun love and laughter. A lot of dancing that’s for sure. Definitely one night to remember.


Video & Photography by Narya Abhimata

Muse is Widika Sidmore

Creative Direction by Ongga Pratama & Narya Abhimata 

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